CLERGY           Priest in Charge Kirk Kubicek
 Christ Episcopal Church
2100 Rock Spring Road     (MAILING address is P.O.Box 215)
Forest Hill, MD 21050(410) 838-6606 – Local
To reach us by email you may send to   E-MAIL 
                            OUR STAFF
Parish Administrator                                  Marianne G.
Sexton                                                                John T.
Choir Director and Organist                     Marianne G.
Contemporary Music Leader                    Lynn E.
Master Piano Teacher & Composer       Robert Hitz Studios Media
                        THE VESTRY
Senior Warden             Molly N.
Junior Warden             David M.
Treasurer                       Leslie A.
Registrar                        Kate D.
Cemetery Warden      Lynn K.
Until 2019                    Kate D.,  Bill S.
Until 2020                   Molly N. , George B.
Until 2021

The Church with the Chimes